Quick Tips and FAQ for Home Sellers

Check out the most popular tools in your FREE seller platform

Quick Tips and FAQ for Home Sellers

Check out the most popular tools in your FREE seller platform

Free Platform Overview

Quick overview of the free seller platform. See how marketing links, showing service and offer alerts can make the selling process simple. Plus learn how you can take advantage of the 1% MLS listing if you ever need help.

How to go Live

When you are ready to go live, simple click "Go Live". This will automatically create your marketing links and unlock your free seller tools.

Marketing Links and Showings

Explore your marketing links and learn how to use them to create activity. Simplify and streamline your showings using your showing calendar all in your seller dashboard with real time text and email alerts.

Offers, counters and contract to close

Make the offer process easy. Give buyers one place to go to enter their offer terms and instantly be notified of offers and counters. Compare all offers and easily counter, accept or reject offers from your seller dashboard.

Check out some of our most common questions.

  • What is iListhomes?

iListhomes is a seller focused listing platform. The goal is to give sellers the tools they need to list, market and sell their home from within a custom seller dashboard. So for sellers thinking of selling or selling by owner- this gives them the tools they need to make it easy.

  • Is iListhomes nationwide?

Yes –This platfrom works nationwide for sellers.

  • How is this free?

iList started out as a technology platform for real estate agents, giving them tools to engage sellers. One day we had a seller ask if they could use it to sell their home because it had the tools she needed. We realized the benefit this could be for sellers, so we re-worked it a little and made it free. The only way we could do this is because the technology was already there.

  • What if I want a dedicated agent and the MLS?

Great question. We offer sellers the ability to upgrade to an local agent with MLS for only 1%. Simply click upgrade at any time and we will update your dashboard for you. You will get best of both worlds, the technology and a dedicated agent with MLS marketing to make it fast and easy.

  • What are marketing links and how do I use them?

Marketing links are custom pages made for your listing. They feature your photos, details and they connect potential buyers to you. Your marketing links also have showing feature built in to make showings fast and easy as well as the ability for buyers to make offers.

Your marketing link is formatted for social media so pasting it in your FB page and sharing it is the most powerful way to use it. You can also text it out to buyers or simply give potential buyers the link. From there it will simplify your showings and offers.

  • Does it help with Showings?

Yes- it maks them easy and saves you a ton of time. Potential buyers will request showings through your marketing links. You will be notified real time and you can eaisly approve or deny the showing and send notes to the showing party. It keeps a log of all showign request and their status.

  • Does it help with Offers?

Yes- this is one of the most popular features for sellers. Your marketing links page contains a feature for buyers to click and make an offer. The offer terms are collected in a easy to read format and then placed on your seller dashboard. You can view, compare and counter offers at the click of a button. When offers or counters come in you are also notified real time via text and email.

  • What about Cash Offers?

One of the many added benefits is the ability to receive free cash offers. We have a network of buyers always looking to buy more homes. If your home meets their needs we will drop cash offers directly into your dashboard for free. No obligation, just an added benefit.

  • Are there contracts?

Everything we do is open ended, meaning the moment we are not adding a benefit to you, feel free to leave. No obligations, No contracts.

Ready to Start Your FREE Seller Platform

Ready to Start Your FREE Seller Platform